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Whether it’s refining, processing or trading in precious metals: our intention to uncompromising quality has guided SAXONIA through its more than 400-year history – and makes us today one of the top names in the refining business. The focus of our operations is transparency in the recovery of precious metals, precision in the analysis and evaluation of raw materials and care in the manufacture of quality products.

In everything we do, it is our primary goal to provide our customers and clients with maximum flexibility, punctuality and service readiness. In addition, modern and environment-friendly systems, innovative products, highly motivated and experienced staff and a quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 demonstrate the efficiency and competitiveness of our company.

Four companies

one strong partner
Technical Materials GmbH
Edelmetalle GmbH
Pforzheim/Baden Wuerttemberg
Edelmetalle GmbH
Halsbruecke / Saxony
Italbras S.p.A.

Pforzheim/Baden Wuerttemberg

Founded in 1872, WIELAND is today a leading mid-sized company with more than 150 employees: specialising in products and services related to precious metals refining and technology.

In addition to industrial and technical applications such as semi-finished products, targets and brazing alloys, the name WIELAND stands for quality precious metals and special alloys – especially for the production of rings, jewellery and watches as well as dental and medical equipment. Also included are electroplating baths, precious metal preparations and refining, and the recycling of waste-containing nitrate.


Halsbruecke / Saxony

SAXONIA is very much part of the great tradition of Freiberg silver mining, and has established a strong reputation with its current 240 employees as a reputable and reliable industrial partner.

WIELAND Edelmetalle GmbH has been owned by SAXONIA since 2010. The two companies in the “Golden City” Pforzheim and close to the “Silver City” Freiberg add to each other both in terms of their products and applications, as well as in refining and manufacturing processes – combining their strengths for the benefit for you as our customers.


Hanau / Hessen

SAXONIA Technical Materials, with its headquarters in Hanau, has been part of SAXONIA since 2018. The division is a leading supplier of functional materials for technologically demanding industries.

SAXONIA Technical Materials is the world market leader in soldering technology and in the production of electrical contact metals. These are used, for example, in power engineering and generation, the lighting and electronics industries and in automotive technology. The high-performance material solutions are primarily based on the properties of silver, non-ferrous metals and their alloys.



Founded in 1975, through our long experience in precious metals processing and know how, today we are the partner for many companies in a broad range of industries. We seek to produce products and provide services that create specific and significant added value to our customers.

Our business field is divided into three divisions:

The Technical Materials Division produces and markets brazing alloys and brazing fluxes under the brand name of BrazeTec. We offer the highest quality of alloys and fluxes: our objective is to be recognized as the ultimate supplier of brazing materials. We always support customers and offer technical consultancies and training courses about brazing. We are innovative and are continuously developing new alloys and solutions for our customers, under the banner of sustainable development.
We also supply high performance functional materials for low and medium voltage applications.

The Electroplating Division sells a wide range of anodes and electrolytes for the deposition of precious metals (Au, Ag, Rh, Pd, Ru, Pt) and base metals (white bronze, copper).

The Ceramics and Applied Technology Division deals with technical ceramics and advanced materials for industrial applications.

We are pleased to cooperate with our customers to offer Applied Technology, a wide Product Portfolio and constant innovation.