Platinum equipment

For the glass and chemical industries SAXONIA produces special equipment made of precious metals. Due to their special material properties they are characterised by excellent temperature and corrosion resistance.

We supply precious metal equipment produced individually or as a series, construct according to customer designs or apply our engineering resources to converting individual specifications into customised user solutions. As a result you will always receive a device that is manufactured with high technical skills from certified materials and subjected to accurate quality testing.


Bushings for the glass fibre industry

Worldwide SAXONIA bushings produce glass fibres from E-glass, C-glass and other glasses in single-stage or two-stage processes for the following applications:

  • reinforcement of plastics for PC boards, tank contructions, pipes, automotive panels, automotive sunroofs, transparent coverings, boat and yacht building
  • textile glass fabrics for technical, electrical and acoustic insulation
  • glass déco fabrics (wallpaper)
  • fibre-glass mesh for plaster reinforcing
  • bitumen roof linings
Materials PtRh5, PtRh10, PtRh20, dispersion strengthended PtRh10 (DVS PtRh10)
Number of nozzles 800-4000
Nozzle geometry conical or cylindrical
Nozzle length > = 4 mm
Nozzle inner diameter flexibly produced to customer design
Nozzle base production pressed or laser welded

Glass melting equipment

Glass melting equipment by SAXONIA is used as a melting system for producing high-quality glasses or on special positions in the production flow which are decisive for the glass quality. The scope of supply also includes large equipment with more than 250 kg of platinum use (feeder, stirrer cell, refiner cell, cooling tube, plunger cell or vello cell) and accessories made of platinum materials like stirrers, plungers, bubblers, drains, stone cladding, orifice and nozzles. Glass melting equipment by SAXONIA is found in Europe and Asia in the following areas of application:

  • automotive headlight glass
  • projection lenses
  • crystal glass
  • tableware
  • TFT and LCD glass
  • lamp and pharmaceutical glass tubes
  • borosilicate glass
  • glass ceramics


Glass melting equipment
Materials PtRh10, PtRh 20, dispersion strengthened PtRh10 (DVS PtRh10), DVS-Pt
Dimensions Length up to 5 m according to drawing and customer design

Laboratory equipment

SAXONIA produces a wide range of equipment and products for the laboratory. We are specialised in the manufacture of customised applications and solutions in accordance to customers specification. Our product programme includes:

  • moulds and crucibles in various designs and volumes made of Pt99.9, PtRh10, PtAu5 and other alloys
  • customised applications and special designs on request
  • other laboratory equipment (e.g. stirrers or electrodes) on request


In addition to the manufacturing SAXONIA also offers support and advanced services regarding our equipment.

  • Design, development and optimisation of large-scale equipment, bushings and glass meltering equipment – in cooperation with competent engineering partners
  • Repairing damaged precious metal equipment
  • Inspection of damage
  • Recovering of precious metals equipment at end of life time; Refining of precious metals

Platinum material alloys

Stress rupture strength of platinum materials at 1400 ° C

stress rupture

Targets for thin-film technology

SAXONIA manufactures high-quality sputtering targets from precious metals for thin-film technology. All information you can find here >>>


At SAXONIA quality takes top priority – both in terms of precious metal purity and in production and processing. By diverse testing methods and modern laboratory equipment, we ensure every time that all the products we manufacture always meet our high quality standards.

Extensive facilities

  • Chemical laboratory
  • Materials laboratory
  • Metallography laboratory
  • Test laboratory

Extensive testing methods:

  • layer thickness
  • microstructures
  • surface roughness
  • geometry and spring forces
  • tensile and compression tests
  • shearing force
  • SPC control

Individual consulting

We advise you, for example in the choice of materials, their properties and structures – and support you on request during the development process. Simply contact us at any time.


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