SAXONIA Edelmetalle GmbH is continuing the tradition of mining and processing precious metals which exists in the Freiberg region since the beginning of the 17th century. Today the company is an established and reliable partner to industrial users in the core areas of precious metal refining and manufacturing.



Two companies

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Edelmetalle GmbH
Pforzheim / Baden Wuerttemberg

Founded in 1872, WIELAND is today a leading mid-sized company with more than 150 employees: specialising in products and services related to precious metals refining and technology.

In addition to industrial and technical applications such as semi-finished products, targets and brazing alloys, the name WIELAND stands for quality precious metals and special alloys – especially for the production of rings, jewellery and watches as well as dental and medical equipment. Also included are electroplating baths, precious metal preparations and refining, and the recycling of waste-containing nitrate.

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Standorte in Deutschland

Edelmetalle GmbH
Halsbruecke / Saxony

SAXONIA is very much part of the great tradition of Freiberg silver mining, and has established a strong reputation with its current 240 employees as a reputable and reliable industrial partner.

WIELAND Edelmetalle GmbH has been owned by SAXONIA since 2010. The two companies in the “Golden City” Pforzheim and close to the “Silver City” Freiberg add to each other both in terms of their products and applications, as well as in refining and manufacturing processes – combining their strengths for the benefit for you as our customers.

Sustainable. Ecological. Competent.

Precious metals are part of our daily lives: not only in the form of jewellery or as an investment, but also in phone calling, using multimedia devices, on the road or even when we switch on the light at home.

Precious metals are processed in a wide range of industries and are used to produce other products, while in modern industrial manufacturing they have long been irreplaceable.

Today more precious metals are required than the earth can provide in the future. To recover precious metals from waste, to conserve resources and to protect the environment refining is much more useful than new mining operations.

As one of the oldest refineries in Germany SAXONIA provides the complete cycle, from the recycling of precious metals to their re-use or further processing.

Competence in precious metals

Respect. Trust. Quality.

The basis of our long history and the continued success of SAXONIA is formed by the binding corporate values which shape our daily thinking and actions: in dealing with customers and suppliers, as well as in the cooperation between our teams and employees. We attach great importance to a trusting and cooperative partnership – characterised by respect, integrity and transparency.

We treat our business partners with respect and always aim to find the optimum solution for individual customer needs: with experience, skill and vision. And we follow the principle of sustainable economic success, in respect of the ecological use of resources. This commitment is the basis for the trust of our customers at home and abroad

and at the same time a promise of quality:



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