Precious metal chemicals

Precious metal chemicals from SAXONIA are used worldwide, for example in electroplating, the chemical industry, in the electrical and electronics industry, battery and enamel colour production or in film and photo industry. Our range of high-quality precious metal chemicals includes the chemical compounds of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium mainly used in precious metal chemistry – either in solid, crystalline form, as a solution or as a concentrate.

For the production of our precious metal chemicals we only use precious metals with very high initial purity. In the same way only high-quality intermediates are used. Thanks to many years of production experience, efficient modern equipment, extensive laboratory facilities and not least a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we always guarantee very high quality standards.

Gold compounds

Potassium dicyanoaurate (I) is used in surface technology for electroplating and chemical plating of products for technical applications (electronics industry, PCB production) or decorative purposes (jewellery industry). Potassium tetracyanoaurate (III) is used in the coating of surfaces difficult to activate. For the production of enamel colours and for the finishing of glass and ceramic products tetrachlorogold (III) acid is used.

Product Formula Au content CAS No.
Potassium dicyanoaurate (I) K [Au(CN)2] 68.2% 13967-50-5
Potassium tetracyanoaurate (III) K [Au(CN)4] 57.6% 14263-59-3
Tetrachlorogold (III) acid hydrate solution HAuCl4 > 15% 16903-35-8
Tetrachlorogold (III) acid hydrate HAuCl4 * nH2O 50% 16903-35-8

Silver compounds

SAXONIA is one of the largest manufacturers of cyanide silver salts in Europe, which are used for silver plating of surfaces for technical and decorative applications. The silver (I) nitrate produced at our plant in Halsbrücke / Saxony is in great demand internationally in the production of mirrors, the film and photo industry, the finishing of textiles and the chemical industry – both in crystalline form or as a solution. Other products – such as silver oxide – are used in the electronics industry, in the battery production as well as in the enamel colour production.

Product Formula Ag content CAS No.
Potassium [1] dicyanoargentate (I) K [Ag (CN) 2] 54.2% 506-61-6
Silver (I) cyanide AgCN 80.5% 506-64-9
Silver (I) nitrate AgNO3 63.5% 7761-88-8
Silver (I) nitrate solution AgNO3 650 g / l 7761-88-8
Silver (I) oxide Ag2O 93% 20667-12-3
Silver (I) carbonate Ag2CO3 79% 534-16-7
Silver crystals 5N Ag 99.999% 7440-22-4
Silver (I) sulphate Ag2SO4 69% 10294-26-5
Silver (I) acetate Ag (OAc) 64.6% 563-63-3
Silver (I) chloride AgCl 75% 7783-90-6

Platinum compounds

The hexachloroplatinic (IV) acid solution produced by SAXONIA is used in the chemical industry and catalyst production. SAXONIA can produce further platinum chemicals on request.

Product Formula Pt content CAS No.
Hexachloroplatinic (IV) acid solution H2 [PtCl6] 100 g / l 16941-12-1

Palladium compounds

The palladium chemicals produced by SAXONIA are used worldwide as base material for the preparation of electrolytes and activators. These are used for the coating of PCB in the electronics industry, as well as glass processing and electroplating. In addition, palladium compounds are essential for the production of chemicals and catalytic converters.

Product Formula Pd content CAS No.
Palladium (II) chloride PdCl2 59.8% 7647-10-1
Palladium (II) chloride solution PdCl2 10% or 20% 7647-10-1
Palladium (II) chloride solution PdCl2 72.5 g / l 7647-10-1
Palladium (II) sulphate solution PdSO4 4% 13566-03-5
Tetraamminepalladium (II) chloride solution [Pd (NH3) 4] Cl2 100 g / l 13815-17-3
Tetraamminepalladium (II) chloride conc. [Pd (NH3) 4] Cl2 43% 13815-17-3
Tetraamminepalladium (II) sulphate solution [(NH3) 4Pd] SO4 75 g / l 13601-06-4
Tetraamminepalladium (II) hydrogen carbonate solution (acetic) (NH3) 4Pd (HCO 3) 2 8-10.0% 134620-00-1
Tetraamminepalladium (II) hydrogen carbonate (NH3) 4Pd (HCO 3) 2 35% 134620-00-1
Palladium (II) acetate Pd (OAc) 2 47% 3375-31-3

Rhodium compounds

Rhodium chemicals are used for the production of electrolytes for galvanic surface finishing, especially for products with a decorative exterior, which are successfully distributed worldwide by our customers. In addition, our rhodium compounds are used in the manufacture of chemicals and catalytic converters.

Product Formula Rh content CAS No.
Rhodium (III) sulphate solution Rh2 (SO4) 3 4.5% 10489-46-0
Rhodium (III) chloride solution RhCl3 10-20% 13569-65-8
Rhodium (III) chloride hydrate RhCl 3 * nH2O 38% 20765-98-4

Forms of Supply

Our precious metal chemicals are supplied as required in two different forms – either in solid, crystalline powder form, or as solution or concentrates.

We supply your precious metal chemicals in type-approved cartons, either with PE liners, PE bottles or PE cans, PE canisters and PE containers. The packaging sizes can be agreed individually.

Transport guidance: our precious metal chemicals are mostly hazardous or dangerous substances. Therefore handling requires special care in accordance with statutory safety regulations. Product labelling and inner and outer transport packaging comply with legal requirements.


At SAXONIA quality takes top priority – both in terms of precious metal purity and in production and processing. By diverse testing methods and modern laboratory equipment we ensure every time that all the products we manufacture always meet our high quality standards.

Extensive facilities:

  • Chemical laboratory
  • Materials laboratory
  • Metallography laboratory
  • Test laboratory

Extensive testing methods:

  • Layer thickness
  • Microstructures
  • Surface roughness
  • Geometry and spring forces
  • Tensile and compression tests
  • Shearing force
  • SPC control

Individual consulting

We advise you, for example, in selecting materials, coatings and structures – and support you on request during the development process in ensuring efficiency and cost reduction in your future production operations. Simply contact us at any time.


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