Price stability and reliable calculations are the basis of business development.
SAXONIA offers both: by customised transaction types and different price hedging models for your precious metals – and a team of experienced experts who have direct access to international commercial banks and trading centres for precious metals at every time.


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Precious metals trading

transparent. certified. conflict-free.

For your business, precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium are not only an essential raw material for production processes and products – they are also a major asset. At SAXONIA your assets ​​are in good hands: precious metals recovered from refining as well as your precious metal purchases and the deposits in your precious metal account.

SAXONIA is accredited and listed on the London Bullion Market (LBMA) and the London Platinum & Palladium Market (LPPM) as a manufacturer and trading partner. This is an indication of the quality, reliability and stability of our company.

With direct access to international commercial banks and trading centres, the experienced professionals at SAXONIA implement both transfers and purchases and sales – reliably and at any time for the account and on behalf of our customers.

At SAXONIA we follow strict rules for the procurement and trading of precious metals. For example, certified sourcing from conflict-free sources is firmly anchored in our code of conduct. Our certifications provide you with absolute security in the trustworthy procurement of precious metals – and make us a reliable partner in your supply chain.

Internationally tradable

As an certified silver bullion producer (LMBA) SAXONIA is a guarantor of global tradability. Our 1.000 oz silver bars are “Good Delivery” quality and therefore accepted worldwide.

The same applies to our platinum and palladium, for which our certificates (LPPM) also guarantee “Good Delivery” quality in bars or sponge form. Products from SAXONIA also meet the ASTM quality standard for technical goods in international trade.

For you as a customer this means: premium quality and tradeability worldwide through banks and bullion dealers.

Your benefits:

  • Highest purity guarantees sales around the globe
  • ASTM standard for our precious metals and commodities
  • Good Delivery standard in international trading
  • LBMA approval for 1.000 oz silver bars
  • LPPM approval for platinum and palladium bars and sponge


Procurement processes and price calculation need reliability. SAXONIA will be happy to assist you with models for hedging or swaps which are tailored to your needs and requirements: for both purchases and sales. For example, we offer you following options:

Spot trading

Buying and selling based on an agreed price – immediately and without risk


Price stability and transparency based on transactions at the official daily exchange prices


100% fixed costs for future requirements: at a fixed date in the future


Swap of precious metals: in the right form, at the right location

Precious metal account

Easy access to your precious metal resources.

At SAXONIA the precious metal balances of our customers are held in precious metal weight accounts. Precious metal deposits of our customers are unallocated accounts and confirmed by our weight accounts.

Your advantage: all the precious metals remain in your possession. We always guarantee availability of your precious metals at all times – no matter how you wish to use your deposit. Whether it’s a sale, giro transfer to a bank or other trading location, or physical delivery in bars, granules, sponge or plate. Or simply as one of our products.


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